Gay Massage Therapist

A gay massage is a massage from a gay therapist. Do not assume that every male massage therapist is gay. Most gay massage therapists perform a service that is solely intended as a therapeutic or relaxing measure. If you are a man who wants a more sensual form of gay massage from a man, you will want to seek a gay massage.

If you are interested in a therapeutic gay massage, as opposed to just a sensual, relaxing experience, you will want to check your masseurs credentials and training. Ask a lot of questions before you hire a masseur and there will be no surprises.

The cost of the gay massage can vary widely depending on where you live and where the gay massage takes place: do you go to their facility, or do they come to your house or apartment? What type of facility is it, a massage clinic, a spa or their residence? In less populated areas, you may be able to find a gay massage for as low as $50; exclusive spas in major cities may charge $200 or more. Most likely, your actual cost will end up being somewhere in between. Some gay massage therapists will even offer rates on a sliding scale, depending on how much money you make. If they quote you a fixed rate, and your income is limited, it can’t hurt to ask if a sliding scale is available for those unable to afford a regular rate. Many masseurs also offer a discount for first-time visitors. They are hoping that you like their service and will become their regular customer.

Any time is a good time for you to get a gay massage. You don’t need to wait until you are stressed out, your muscles are stiff and sore, or until you’re injured. You can go just for the pleasure of it! Massage can be a wonderful preventive measure to care for your body and your mind. A regular gay massage is an awesome way to cope with both physical stress and emotional stress. Normally, emotional stresses will affect how you carry your body. A regular gay massage can help you maintain healthy posture and keep you from internalizing the various stresses of everyday life, and keep stress from causing discomfort and even harm to your body. How often you go for a gay massage really depends on your health, your needs, your desires and your wallet. Don’t let your wallet keep you from getting what you want and need, however.

Are you wondering whether you need to get completely undressed? Many gay massage therapists can work through your clothes, especially if your clothes are loose-fitting and comfortable. This may, however, mean certain areas of your body are not massaged or receive only minimal attention. If you have doubts about whether you should get naked, or aren’t quite comfortable getting naked, discuss it with your gay massage therapist. Chances are that if you’re only avoiding getting naked because you are shy, they’ll be able to reassure you. If you are overweight, or embarrassed about your body, you shouldn’t let that self-consciousness keep you from getting a relaxing, satisfying gay massage. Massage therapists are professionals who have your best interests in mind. Massage therapists see every possible type of body, young and old, and they’re not there to judge you or ogle you. They view gay massage as a career and a wonderful gift they can give to other men, and are proud that they can offer therapy to those needing help or proud just for the chance to give you the opportunity to luxuriate in the sense of touch.

Bear in mind that every masseur has his own unique style and approach to gay massage, and that there are many styles of gay massage. You may want to research a little bit about the various styles of massage. For example, traditional Asian styles of massage are different from Swedish massage or the kind of deep tissue massage offered by physical therapists. If you’re looking for something more erotic, you still should bear in mind that there are differences. For example, a tantric gay massage is completely different than an ordinary sensual gay massage, so do your homework!


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