In this sacred healing space, you are totally safe and free to allow whatever emotions or experiences that might arise. Pleasure, arousal, healing, joy, relaxation, sleep, excitement… anything.

Each treatment is intuitive and unique, focusing on what will serve you best in the moment. This is a beautiful gift to yourself.

These sessions can help you in:

  • Learning to surrender, and receive Life deeply
  • Being fully sexual while staying relaxed
  • Awakening the kundalini ( energy
  • Healing of past trauma that has been holding you back in experiencing intimacy
  • Becoming pleasure
  • Learning to circulate a LOT more sexual energy
  • Releasing tension from your genitals and breathing system which helps you to last longer and feel more

Sessions are given in our private studio (Exact address will be in your confirmation email.) and we are available for out call to your location.

60, 90 and 120 minute sessions are available ($150, $200, $250). Customized sessions available.

The more time we have, the deeper the session can go.
Feel free to ask us if you have any questions.