Tantric Massage

Tantric Massage is an ancient art, originating in the East and has been practiced for thousands years. It is designed to relax our inner bodies as well as quiet the mind. The philosophy that parallels this art suggests that once we quiet our minds, we can experience a whole new world where touch becomes far more important than thought. Through this practice, we are able to not only just live in the moment, but to enjoy it fully as well.

The body’s natural way of healing works best when the client leaves his or her thoughts at the door. By removing logic from the equation and simply allowing ourselves to just exist, we allow ourselves to experience something deeply peaceful and spiritual. This peaceful, relaxing energy removes negativity from all parts of the body.

If the body is properly nurtured, pampered, and cared for, the spirit truly blossoms. When the body is happy and at peace, we are able to make more efficient decisions. This type of balance provides us with a better quality of living.

When the body reacts to pleasure, our inner awareness also reacts and awakens. Pleasure allows us deeper fulfillment and enjoyment. This is because we are allowing ourselves to give in to the needs of our body.

Tantric massage empowers the body by accepting the natural rhythms that are unique within each individual. It custom tailors itself to the needs and desires of each individual and provides us with the sensuality and attention that we so desperately crave and need. At first, it might be difficult to give in to the pleasure and sensuality. It can be awkward or we may feel that we do not deserve this amount of attention and care. Some may even fear giving up the control even if it means something greater for themselves. However, there is so much to be gained from surrendering. You will gain respect, honor, and strength when you allow your inner self to feel vulnerable and to experience what is offered through a Tantric massage.

Massage Benefits

The massage strokes are done very slowly, sensuously, and carefully so that you can become fully present and aware. These strokes are designed to treat the body, heal it, nourish it, and awaken your inner self. During a tantric massage, all of your senses will be engaged. You will the see the beauty of the therapist catering to your every whim, feel his caresses, smell the wonderful oils, hear the soft music and figuratively taste the healing being done to your body. You will lose yourself to the moment and melt into an alter reality where life is blissful.

In addition to relaxation, Tantric massages will also reduce stress. You will feel relaxed, your heart rate and blood pressure will drop into a peaceful balance and circulation throughout your body will even be improved.

Increased circulation is so significant because this allows more oxygen and nutrients to travel throughout your body, nourishing it fully and removing toxins. Increased circulation will target your lymph nodes, encouraging the removal of fluid and wastes products.

Your body will also release endorphin during the massage, providing you with a deeply satisfying feeling. Endorphin’s also maintain your body’s sense of well-being, manage stress chemicals such as cortisol and nor-adrenalin and even manages physical pain. Your mind will also relax fully.

There are several misconceptions about what Tantric massage is. One of the reasons behind this is fairly obvious. There are many scam artists who are hoping to take advantage of people and will sell a sensual massage under the guise of a tantric massage when in all reality, it could not be further from it. With this being the case, you need to know the difference between a tantric massage and the erotic massage that you will get from a shady salon. An erotic massage involves a full nude massage that focuses primarily on the sexual regions. There is no goal in this type of massage; at least not anything holistic or beneficial. This is simply a quick means to an end and will leave you just as unsatisfied as the moment you walked in the door despite the initial attraction. It is important to note that this is NOT a tantric massage. Tantric massage is something more spiritual, ancient, and beneficial.

The point of tantric massage is to improve your overall health and well-being. Sexual health is a part of your well-being, but it goes deeper than just the sexual satisfaction and that is not the goal of a tantric massage. Instead, it uses subtle sexual touches as part of a ritual to connect two people on many levels. This connection allows the client to free him or herself from the stress of everyday life and awaken spiritually. Professionally trained tantric therapists conduct these rituals to benefit your body, mind, and soul, and after the massage you will definitely see the benefits. The client is encouraged to release all expectations and goals of the massage and instead, be present in the moment. This allows the person to fully engage themselves in the pleasurable here and now and enjoy the sensual touches of the therapist, gaining an experience unlike any other.

The Western version of this massage differs slightly. The Western version encourages the touching of the entire body so that sexual energy may be released. It is argued by teachers and followers alike that this is only way to release this form of energy.

After the massage, you will notice that your body is not only absorbing more oxygen, but that it is using it more efficiently. Your blood circulation will also improve. Your body will recover faster from muscular strains since you will be no longer be as stressed. During the experience of the tantric massage, your body will open in ways that were not possible before and sexual interaction is just one of these ways.

Tantric massage holds many benefits for couples. Besides bringing them closer together, tantric massage also helps out in moments when one partner might not necessarily be in the mood for sex. At this point, the partner can massage him or her, allowing for great pleasure without the act of or need for sex. If this massage occurs regularly between couples, it will heal any divides between them allowing them to connect fully and deeply. Through tantric massage, couples can heal wounds inflicted by their significant other’s behavior, thus bringing intimacy, love, and connectivity back into their relationship.

In many instances, the ritual of tantric massage starts with a short, simple breathing exercise followed by visualization. Client and expert are encouraged to synchronize their breathing in order to add deeper harmony to the practice. These exercises prepare the practitioners to harmonize their energy levels. The session is then followed by a full body massage that is both sensual and erotic.

This massage is not about the achievement of an orgasm but rather, it seeks to release all of your sexual tension and allow you to sink into a state of relaxation and enjoyment.

However, energetic orgasms are often achieved and it is completely normal to experience one.To find out more, contact us today.