Sensual Massage and the Aging.

As we age our bodies change and begin to reveal the ill affects of stress and any less than healthy living habits we may have developed. We lose flexibility both physically and mentally and we may find we are less responsive to pleasure of all kinds. Our bodies no longer respond the way they did when we were younger and/or physical ailments and restrictions may make engaging in physical activity, sexual or otherwise, uncomfortable or embarrassing.

Sensual Massage can be the perfect therapy for aging men and women. It can greatly improve and enhance the quality of intimacy and sexual activity between couples. Mature men and women in the 20th century can learn from the teachings and practices used for centuries, such as the Kama Sutra and Tantra massage. Using these techniques and teachings can open doors that many couples may have thought were closed.

By engaging in erotic sensual massage, rather than pursuing goal oriented sexual activity sought in youth, aging men and women are rewarded ten fold. Erotic massage is a far more meaningful experience than traditional sexual endeavors allowing the development of heightened spiritual and emotional intimacy.

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